Flash Programming

In-Picture.com  team can make multimedia presentations for a special event in your company's activity : the launch of a new product, attending a fair/expo, the presentation of the economic and financial results of the company through graphics and animations, the tendencies of the activity, etc... 

Flash Animations
 - A Flash animation is an animated film which is created using Adobe Flash animation software and often distributed in the *.swf file format. It can be created in Flash or with other programs capable of writing *.swf files. Such a powerful visual Flash presentation can be made on CD or included in one of the pages of the website.

Flash Maps - We can make, on demand, interactive, animated flash maps with the exact position of your company and subsidiaries, or maps with the distribution chain of your products in Romania or abroad.

Multimedia CDMultimedia DVD - For special occasions like fairs or exhibitions, or even as a visual business card for its activity, any company needs a presentation CD/DVD for its activity. 
This can be a few minutes long flash animation about the company's history, its principles in business, a short presentation of its products and services and also the contact info of the company. 
You can choose a detailed presentation of the products (photo, price, dimension, characteristics, colour, other technical info, etc...). 
The CD can show the production process or the activities of the workers. 

Multimedia CD - The shape of the CD can be regular, mini CD or business card shaped CD. You can choose a personalized cover for the CD (for ex: name, logo and a representative image about the company).

Panoramic View, virtual tour, pano 360 degrees, 180 degrees- A panoramic view is a lot of images stitched together to create a single image. Stitching is the process where you stitch/join all the screenshots to make one unique image.

EcardsE-cards - Easter and Christmas e-cards for employees or business partners.

A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the Internet. 

Our professional web design company is devoted to the creation of effective professional web banners and web ad banners. We have designed all types of professional web banners and web ad banners. We design animated web banners, GIF banners and Flash web banners at a low cost. 

Web Banners - In a web campaign on the Internet, you needd web banners, at standard dimensions 728 x 90 - (Leaderboard) ; 468 x 60 - (Full Banner) ; 234 x 60 - (Half Banner) ; 160 x 600 - tower banner ; 125 x 125 - (Square Button) ; 120 x 90 - (Button 1) ; 120 x 60 - (Button 2) ; 120 x 240 - (Vertical Banner) ; 88 x 31 - (Micro Bar)
» animated Flash Web Banners
» animated GIF Web Banners
» static JPEG Banners

Banners - These can be integrated in websites or portals. The In-Picture.com team creates such banners, Flash ord GIFs, at a good quality and a low dimension (in Kilobytes).

Flash Programming

Website Flash
Here’s how the story goes: 
Only Flash offers the possibility to add animations and videos on websites. When it first appeared on the web, flash was used in only two fields: adding ads by animated banners and flash introduction. At that time, web designers considered that Flash could leave a professional impression - if a website contained flash elements, they were the web designer’s pride, meaning that the site had been designed by the latest technology.

Online interactive maps using Flash technology
Multimedia Applications - "Add animation to your site!"
Flash is the technology that allows you to

  • add animation,
  • add sound,
  • add interactivity and
  • visual effects to your site.

Most websites use HTML to create a basic structure, but adding Flash components makes the site seem more sophisticated and it will be interactive. One can create a wide range of effects, from the visual ones to the simplest 30 seconds Intros, or entire sites in Flash which exhibit the latest animation, sound and complex visual effects.
You can also choose multimedia CDs to present the company by complex flash movies, whose loading speed is not limited by that of a certain site.