Web Design Services

Web Design is a service associated with the creation of websites.
A web design company is the first to be contacted when we want website. 

Our experience in the field of graphic design for web ensures for our clients the quality and unicity of the template suggested for the website. The graphic layout that we suggest also takes into account a future step in the development of the website : its optimization for the search engines. Also, we use intensly the advantages of the CSS technology, for a quick loading of the page in the browser. A professional website, with an appropriate colour pallete and a small loading time, will ensure for you an advantage ahead of the competitors. You can choose a Full Flash website, with a lot of visual multimedia effects, or a static HTML website, with a lot of text and just some animated parts. 

Static HTML websites, dynamic PHP websites : The pages we create just with HTML language are static. In order for you to interact with your visitors, we use dynamic web pages. For intaraction with the (MS SQL Server, MySQL) data bases, we use programming languages as ASP, PHP. We create static HTML pages and, if necessary, add a PHP script. For example, a part of the pages's structure, like the menu, the page layout, can be static code. The HTML code can also contain a PHP code that extracts from the data base news or other information.
The main advantage of a PHP dynamic website over a static HTML page is the easiness in administration (update). Adding or modifing the content of the website is very simple because the content is stored in a data base, in text files, so that you don't need web design or web programming knowledges to make the updates. These parts of the website (for ex: news modules, fairs, trades, static text pages, etc ...) can be easily updated by you from an ADMINISTRATION MODULE. 

Flash animated websites
It's well known that the search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN,etc) don't search in Flash, so a full Flash website won't have a top position in the searches after a keyword. If your company doesn't need additionl publicity over the Internet, you can choose this solution, with high visual impact, a full Flash website. 

Re-design website
If you already have a website that was built a while ago, you're likely to face one of the following problems : 
» the design of the website is old style, from the previous generation, which will influence in a negative way the image of your company.
» the pages have photos or Java Script / Flash scripts that delay the loading time of the web page
» the website was not designed / optimized so that it would be easy to find by the search engines, after some keywords. Thus, the number of visitors is very low in comparison to your expectations.
» in your website thare are too many texts and you want a more graphics or more animations for some of the pages (flash maps, 3D maps, banners, etc...) 

Website maintenance
If your website needs text or photos changes, or you just want some small changes, we offer monthly / trimestrial update.
For a fixed subscription or a system of price/hour, we can rapidly make the changes that you desire in the website.

 Web design services We are a professional web design agency, which has the capacity that your budget for online communication (website, online stores, optimization, etc.) to go forward without compromising the things you wish and without us compromising the quality of the final product.
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